After the blistering heat of two weeks ago, this week the mid-80’s temperatures seemed downright cool.  It’s all relative I guess.  In fact it’s felt wonderful; I hope it continues until we get Evan moved into the dorm this coming Wednesday.

I have a variety of weird hobbies that crop up every so often; one has cropped up now.  I have a friend with a flintlock rifle.  We went to shoot it last year and were never successful in getting the flint to spark.  This does not bother my friend; he put it away and hasn’t given it a second thought but it bugs me.  Obviously the people who colonized the east coast made theirs work or they would have starved.  Wait… lot’s of people did starve.  Anyway, it should have worked and so I’ve occasionally done some googling to figure out why his rifle did not ignite the powder. 

I finally settled on the hypothesis that the frizzen (that thing that the flint hits) needs to be hardened.  I also discovered a product called “Kasenit” that is sold to do exactly that.  It was a long process to find it at a web site for sale but I did and it came last night.  Now all I have to do is convince my friend to dissassemble his gun so that we can heat it up red hot with a torch and apply the Kasenit.  Then perhaps we can go out and try shooting again.

I have no idea why these things stick with me and I can’t give up on them.  It should be fun when we do it though. 

I’m not sure when we’ll get around to this; we have to get Evan all packed up this weekend but I can’t imagine it taking all weekend.  I can’t imagine it taking longer than an hour but these things always take longer than I expect.

But at least it isn’t hot – for the time being.  Rain is forecast so it’s a good thing that I got my roof job finished.