Now, the guttering

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Yesterday the temperature ended up cool – only going above 80 degrees in the afternoon so I spent the whole day out there finishing up this little project. Click the photo to see the whole series.

It took much longer than expected but that’s common with such things.  Still, it’s done and it was not a miserable experience like it was the last couple of times I’ve worked on it.  Conveniently, it rained last night after I finished.  It rained in the middle of the night so I don’t really know if the guttering works or not but it looks like it will so I’ll just assume it did.

There’s a little touching up to do with the paint but that’s quick and I’ll do that when I’m sure it isn’t going to rain.

On to the next project.  I don’t think I’ll tackle much anytime soon since we move Evan into the dorm in a couple of weeks.