I picked Erin up last night around midnight and although I haven’t heard all the details yet, the trip was apparently fun but really hot.  Exactly as expected.

In spite of every kid and every youth pastor and every chaperoning parent carrying a cellphone, we recieved no updates at all as to their whereabouts so all us parents had to just drive up to the church and wait in the stifling heat of the parking lot for longer than we would have liked.  I think it would have been a bit better if half of them had not kept the engines of their gigantic SUVs running so they could sit in the air conditioning.  I had to change parking places just so that I would not be next to the plume of hot air coming out from under the engine of the huge Toyota Gigantor or whatever it was.

Digression:  I have listened to CarTalk for years and realize that modern cars are made such that they can sit idling in the worst heat and never overheat.  If that weren’t true then what would cops do after all?  My rational brain realizes that but my emotional side still harks back to a couple of times in my life when my engine has overheated and I’ve had to be towed away and so I just can’t sit in a parking lot with the engine on for very long.  It makes me nervous.  OK, digression over.

So I sat waiting for the bus at around 11:30pm.  At one point a feeble breeze wafted through the parking lot and managed to turn over one dead dessicated leaf next to my car.  One of the parents next to me told me that he got a call from his daughter.  Apparently they were awoken about 20 minutes out and told to call their parents.  Erin never called me though.  I took her to task over that but she was too tired to care.

Her and her friends had all had a great time and had seen and done just about everything.  She staggered into the bathroom when we got home and showered and that’s the last I heard from her.  Her phone vibrates more or less constantly these days with incoming text messages and she didn’t even bother to read any of them.

I look forward to details tonight after she’s rested up and ready to talk.