We’re entering the hottest part of the summer now and it is forecast to be over 100 degrees for the entire next week.  I hope it doesn’t continue for longer than that. I hope it at least cools off a little when we have to move Evan into the dorm in a few weeks.

This is also the time of year that Mel begins to realize that the kids are going to have to go back to school soon and she has to return to work and so we have to go into “school mode” where we don’t watch TV during the week.  Except when I sneak off to watch recorded episodes of Mythbusters.  As a result, we’ve been popping the popcorn and watching movies every night this week.  It’s pretty fun once in awhile; especially when it’s so hot outside.  The poor dog sits by the door looking forlorn because I won’t walk her in this heat.

I need to get outside and do some more work on my eaves in order to get them finished; I’ll do that early tomorrow before the temperature gets too high.

Last night we watched “August Rush” courtesy of Erin’s latest boyfriend who loaned it to us for the day.  I enjoyed it immensely but it only made me wish that I was freakishly good at something like the character in the movie.  At this point I suppose I’m “pretty good” at some things.  I was on the verge of buying the soundtrack when I found out that Evan had already done it.  It comes in handy that he and I like a lot of the same sorts of music.

Perhaps I will do some of those “inside” projects that I never seem to get around to.  Perhaps something creative; like practice the guitar.  Who knows?  We’ll probably just watch more movies which is pretty darned fun.