I gave Evan the keys to my car today.  It was long planned but hard to do.

We’ve always tried to keep our cars on a “rotation” so that none of them ever gets too old or worn out to do anything with (although we do keep them a pretty long time).  We’ve had to accelerate the process a bit since we have two teenagers, one of whom will start driving within six months. At that point, we’ll have four drivers and a fleet of four cars.

So we’ve been altering course for a couple of years to handle this challenge; the first step of which was to buy Evan a ’94 Ford Escort two years ago.  We then bought a Honda Accord last summer with the intention of my driving it (sold my pickup) until Evan left for college.  At that point, he would drive the Honda, we’d transfer the little Escort to Erin and buy another “real” car for Mel to drive.  It’s been a couple of years since she’s gotten to drive the newest car so it’s her turn.  I will take over the driving of the minivan.

At this point, none of them has less than 85,000 miles so it’s a bit of a juggling act to keep them all running well but so far so good.  It’s probably not unreasonable to expect 150,000 miles out of any car on the road today.

My problem is that I love the Honda; I don’t want to give it up.  It’s totally luxurious and has accomodation for an iPod.  Now I’ve got to start driving the WagonQueen Family Truxter and I’m not thrilled about it although from a strictly engineering standpoint, it does drive very well and is pretty nice.  It’s just not cool looking.  Furthermore, you can get some pretty big stuff in there if you have to; I’ve hauled full-length lumber in it and probably will again.

Maybe Mel will get something nice like a Honda Accord for herself or something similar.  Maybe she’ll get something really smokin’ like a Mazda RX8.

Probably not.