Erin finished up the electrical engineering camp on Friday.  I went to have lunch with them and see the slide show.  She seemed to have had a good time; she still likes the idea of majoring in engineering.

She came home with a nice breadboard, some integrated circuit chips, and a few other electronic odds and ends to make some projects with.  I loaned her my multimeter and soldering iron but although her spirit was willing to experiment some more, she had no time for that.  There was socializing to be done.

There was a concert at the church that she met some friends at and one boy asked her out.  She had enough intelligence from her network that she knew it was coming so she made sure to prepare.  He actually came over to the car and shook my hand which is more mature-acting than anything I did at age 15.

Now, she is off to another camp; this one a leadership conference for student council officers.  It is different from electrical engineering camp in every possible way except that it is at a university campus.  But heaven help us it’s in Alva.  That isn’t the back side of the moon but you can see it from there. But with a camp full of student council officers, she should have a pretty good time.

After that, she goes to some other week long thing; I forget what it is exactly.