Our illustrious 24 year old Maytag washing machine finally gave up the ghost last weekend as we finished the week’s laundry.  It’s difficult to complain about a failure after that length of time.  In fact, all it was doing was leaking (and making some strange noises) but I figured it was time.  But it was also time to take Evan to Fayetteville for orientation so we did nothing about the washer.  It was Wednesday before I thought about it again. I wasn’t too concerned because our in-laws told us they had an extra and we could have it.  Finally on Thursday, I went over to get it.

I hooked it up and ran it through a quick cycle to make sure the water drained.  What I should have done is make sure that the tub would spin because on Friday morning, Mel called me to tell me that it was not in fact spinning.  What followed was a real song and dance.

Our inlaws swore that it was working when they retired it and I’m sure that it was but it wasn’t on Friday morning.  Mel quickly got on the phone to find a repair guy that would come out that day.  I began to mention around the office and sure enough, one of the young women in our office who is getting married soon had an extra that she had just shoved into her garage and she told me I was welcome to it.

The repairman came.  We decided that if it was trivial (less than $100), we’d let him do his thing since my coworker’s house was a long way up on the north side of town.  He announced that it would cost $150.  I told the girl I wanted her washer.  Meanwhile, Mel began to negotiate with the guy and he said that if he could have the old Maytag (to refurbish and resell), he’d meet our criteria. Score!

I told the girl we did NOT want her washer.  I was more graceful than that of course but that was the long and short of it.  Then the guy gets into it and announces that it is non-trivial, in fact it needed a new transmission.  Well that tore it for me and I told my kind coworker that I did in fact want her washer.  By this time, every time she say me coming she started laughing.  Finally, Mel got the guy to waive his service fee if she’d give him *both* washers and a derelict dryer that was stored in our in-law’s garage.  So in the end, we got a fairly new washer and got three unwanted appliances hauled off all for free.  Melissa is a very powerful organizer and negotiator.  You can tell she loves it by the look on her face and the tone of her voice in the midst of all this.

We made our way up to the north side of town Friday night to pick up the latest machine and it worked out fine so I guess that’s over.  Except that on Saturday, the guy who was supposed to come pick up all these appliances did not show up and now my front porch looks like a rural Arkansas farmhouse.  I hope he comes Monday.

Meanwhile, we need to buy a nice card for the girl in my office.  That was fortuitous indeed.