Strange thunderstorms this weekend.  As I recall none were forecast.

I got up Saturday morning with lawn care in mind.  I got out early and put down some mosquito control on a problem area and treated the entire area for ants and other pain-in-the-necks.  I also got out the weedeater and trimmed everything up.  Then I decided to head to the grocery store.

Mel and Erin had gotten up much earlier to head off to the mall to hunt for swimsuits and I wanted no part of that.  The bargain I arranged was that I would shop for groceries instead.  As I headed off, I noticed that as the day wore on, it was getting darker rather than lighter.  I looked to the northwest and lo, the clouds were gathering and dark were they.

I turned on the radio and was greeted with the familiar “emergency broadcast” warning of thunderstorms.  Well thunderstorms are common and nothing to worry about so I went on.  Halfway through shopping I started to hear a hissing.  This is what torrential rain sounds like inside a Wal-Mart.  I walked my cart to an aisle that had a clear shot to the door and saw the trees whipping around almost horizontal.


I killed as much time as possible until the torrents had passed and went home.  Along the way were tree limbs galore that hadn’t survived the wind.  Our poor old dog Dixie (who is terribly afraid of thunderstorms) was hidden in the back of Evan’s closet, curled up asleep.  After the storm passed, the sun came out and all was well.

That’s not so unusual; what is unusual is that the exact same thing happened on Sunday.  As we drove to church, we could see the dark clouds to the northwest and, again, the downpour began.  As we got out, I again saw the trees bent by the wind and torrents of rain coming down.  The TVs that our church has in the hallways that usually show what’s going on in the sanctuary were instead showing the weather radar.  We waited awhile until the worst of the rain was passed and Evan volunteered to go get the car and bring it around to the curb.  After about one microsecond, my umbrella that he took with him was completely trashed.  The rain subsided not long after that but the wind continued for about half an hour.

When we got home there were even more limbs on the ground and our power was out.  Power was apparently out for tens of thousands of people.  It didn’t come back on until around 7:00 pm.  We found out that some windows had been blown out of some highrise buildings downtown.

It was interesting to say the least.  Now I guess I have to re-do my insect treatments for the yard.