Erin starts driver’s education classes this morning.  As this morning dawned, I realized that I had no idea where to drop her off or what she needed.

That’s a pretty bad feeling to have for a Monday.

Her phone started buzzing with text messages early.  Apparently nobody else had any idea either.  That was a relief in a way.  As we got to the school, there were many other cars dropping off young teenagers who were all gathering in a group to enter the building and explore possible classroom venues.

I haven’t heard from her – which suggest that everything is going fine.  Almost everything in our society requires a photo ID these days which always takes the form of a driver’s license.  Since she by definition does not have one (or she wouldn’t be in this class) I’m not sure what form of ID they would require.  It turns out that she needs none.  I remember taking a birth certificate when I registered her so I guess that fills the bill.