Yesterday was Mel’s last day of work for the summer and as of this writing, she is still asleep as a result.

Yesterday was Erin’s first day to mow the yard without any supervision or help.  I’m happy to report that all went well.  She already hates it but since the mower is self-propelled and is advertised as “easy to start”, I don’t have any sympathy for her.  Life’s hard and everybody works.  This is her first lesson in that. She reported being bored for the rest of the day so I intend to find some equally boring but necessary task like backing up the digital photos on the computer.

And yesterday was Evan’s first day at his new job at the oral surgeon’s office.  This was quite a blessing to land in his lap since he has stated a goal of attending dental school after college.  His job seems to involve cleaning the surgical instruments and preparing clean instruments for incoming patients.  The cleaning job had the potential to gross him out so completely that he would change his career goal but thankfully, he was not grossed out and seemed to find the whole experience interesting.  For this job, he had to buy a suit of “scrubs” and wear these to work.  So he gets to wear a uniform of sorts.

And so begins the summer.  There will be no vacation since Evan is working seven days a week and Erin has several “things” that are either out of town or time consuming.  Add to that the fact that our “economic stimulus” check is insufficient to take us all to Disney World anyway.  Indeed, it might take us as far as Oklahoma City but that’s got to be the ugliest city in the world and so I’ll just put my check in the bank and forgo the vacation.  We’ll just call Evan’s Freshman orientation at the University of Arkansas a vacation.  We have tickets to this summer’s performance of “Phantom of the Opera” and so that will add to the vacation-like illusion.  I used to dream of taking the whole family to Europe for a summer holiday during their college years but I don’t see that happening.