Saturday I went to volunteer at a “Habitat for Humanity” house.  I’d been wanting to do this for quite some time and finally got around to it.

I had failed to remember that this was a major holiday weekend.  That didn’t matter to me but apparently there is usually a dearth of volunteers on such days so they were prepared for the worst but about 25 of us showed up.  They had not scheduled very much and so with all those people, we got the roof trusses up in about two hours which is extremely fast.  There was time left to trim the truss ends and put some fascia along them but there were no more building materials to do anything with and so I went home.  There were a few people trying to get the front porch started but they didn’t need very many people.

Even the meager amount of work that I did wore me out which suggests that I should do more of this.  The homeowner was there as is customary for Habitat projects and she seemed happy with the progress.