There was a story on the evening news last night about a child who was at the park with his grandmother and who took it upon himself to run into a pond.  He couldn’t swim.  A nearby teenager jumped in to save him and was of course being praised on TV by the grandmother.  The child immediately upon being saved, attempted to jump into the pond again.  I’m not proud of this but my first thoughts on the child were:

“What a retard!”

This, as much as anything else, shows what’s going on in my head regarding parenting these days.  It suggests that I’m seeing the end approaching and I’m reverting to my old pre-child days where I was annoyed by toddlers.  Erin is not yet driving and so there is plenty of parenting activity left but Evan is pretty much gone and Mel and I are starting to wonder what we’re supposed to do after this.

Evan has not crossed my path for this entire week.  He has either been in training for his jobs or been out very late with his buddies (at midnight movie premiers or concerts) so I’ve not even seen him.

I was proud of myself when the kids got to the toddler stage and I began to understand them and was no longer annoyed by the toddlers of others.  I could sit next to a fussy child on a plane and not get to bent out of shape about it.  I don’t want to return to my old grumpy phase.  I see now that I will have to work at it to make sure I don’t turn into a grumpy old man.