Evan graduated from high school last night. Woo Hoo!

Broken Arrow High School is huge; therefore, graduation takes a bit of time. Last night there were about 1000 grads and they were working them through the lines on two fronts. One announcer on each side and they were saying the names as fast as possible given the shouts from families that punctuated the proceedings. We had all been told many times to hold it down and behave with decorum but nobody ever does and they didn’t last night either. The school system actually sent out a “schoolcast” (usually reserved for making big announcements like “Tornadoe’s A’Comin’!”) that explicitly stated that shouting, air horns, and beachballs, were verboten. Sure enough, those who chose to do anything other than a quick shout were escorted from the Mabee Center by policemen but most of those didn’t look too upset about it.

The day began at noon-ish when Evan got home from school early after having taken an AP exam, I got home early from work, and Melissa got home from going to fetch her mom. We gave Evan his graduation present of a new laptop computer which he was pretty excited about. He had been excited for a pretty long while due to an accidental discovery one night last month when we were turning the house upside down looking for some scholarship paperwork. He spent the next four hours playing with it and trying to get his iPod library migrated from the family computer to it.

Then we broke out the brisket for an early dinner with the familia (or at least those who could attend) and headed out to the ceremony. It was crowded as usual but we were there early enough that we got good seats as well as seats next to somebody we knew. We then settled in for the long wait. Erin had stuffed her purse with novels and when my niece found out, she demanded one of them. The two of them then sat down together to read the next few hours away. They were the smart ones.

Why doesn’t that place open the concession stands during graduation!? Is the world run by idiots?

Anyway. Enough ranting.

We spotted Evan early on and were therefore had advance warning as to when to activate the camera. He had quite a bit of brainiac bling what with his Honor Society stole, his Top 3% sash, and his 100 year medallion. (It was the 100th graduating class from BAHS). Too bad they didn’t let the smart ones go first but they were totally random.

Erin and my niece (when they weren’t reading) spent the time critiquing the girls shoes. That’s all that could be seen of any girl’s clothing so they fell in for the most scrutiny. I heard “I can’t believe she’s wearing those” more than once.

After the big event, the school has an all-night party with huge prizes to keep down the drunken driving. Evan came in at about 5:30 am stating that it was fun but he didn’t win anything.

One of the big supporters of the school is a local tatoo parlor which makes for some pretty classy (sarcasm is intended) advertisements in the school yearbook and some pretty classy giveaways at the all-night party. I’m surprised they didn’t have a mobile body-piercing studio right there in the gym what with most students newly turned 18.

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Sort of. If you count sitting in a gym for hours without the benefit of entertainment to be a good time. I enjoyed it because I had a horse in the race so to speak but to all my relatives that showed up: many thanks and I appreciate your presence. And presents too.