This week has been one senior breakfast after another for Evan.  The first one was at his elementary school and was the most fun.  Those were the days when school was fun and not too much work.  The teachers had saved some photos that were made at the time and so we had a little journey down memory lane when he got home.

This morning we had the awards ceremony.  I guess it should be called the “announce the scholarships” ceremony.  It was fun; all these things are to the parents of successful children and I try to enjoy them for what they are and not get too complacent about it.

Evan was not the sweepstakes winner by any means but he did pretty well.  Most students, even the top performers, seem to be staying in the state but some are going pretty far afield.  Two are going to Pepperdine which made me raise my eyebrows.  I guess going to college in Malibu seems pretty elegant to an Oklahoman; I only hope they can afford to live there.

I can only say this:  how hard can it be for the award presenters to at least try to pronounce names correctly?  It shouldn’t be that hard.  One dunderhead showed that he had never attended a football game by mispronouncing the name of the second-string quarterback (who had gotten quite a lot of playing time BTW).   I have little patience for this.  After a student has been in the system for 12 years, you’d think that word would get around about those names that are hard to make out from the spelling.  There should be a rehearsal for presenters.  But they have a list of names way in advance – how hard would it be to try and figure it out before the ceremony?  After all, the students are right there in the building – they have only to track them down and use the intercom to ask how to pronounce the name.

But it went well from my perspective.  I enjoy these things.  Next up: graduation itself.  I think that’s next up; I’m not actually sure.  I should check the calendar more often.  It’s a bit inconvenient that Evan’s birthday is on graduation day.  We have to double up on presents and have to work in a cake and celebration in there somewhere that is distinct from graduation.  But Mel will manage it.  That’s what she does.