This weekend passed quietly – sort of the calm before the storm of graduation which occurs next week.  I managed to have a Saturday that did not involve a lot of plumbing – only a small amount.  Tis the season for plumbing after all.

Erin went to this “thing” at church that involved lots of noise and singing followed by burgers.  Mel and I stayed for this since they almost always need more parents to help serve than that actually have.  Sure enough, we were pressed into service.  My job involved filling about 200 styrofoam cups with lemonade.  I was moderately pleased to learn that they do in fact have a huge steel thing shaped like a boat paddle that you stir the lemonade with. It seemed like they should and so they did.

It had unfortunately turned off quite cool last night so I quickly became miserable outside in the wind with my cooler of ice-cold drink so one of the youth pastors offered me an official logo-encrusted hoodie.  I was suddenly “official”, a wearer of an official uniform.  It was way better than a paper hat that one might otherwise have been given to wear.  It was warmer too which was the whole point.

After the teenaged locust hoard passed through, I took it upon myself to help clean up.  For me, this involves eating the leftovers.  I headed first to the home-made cookies.  Why a kid will pick up a “chips ahoy” before a homemade cookie is beyond me but I never try to change their minds; I let them pass up the gourmet stuff and scavenge them myself.  Nobody can say that I made it through 18 years of parenting without learning something.

Erin was not terribly thrilled to find that we were present but she dealt with it.  We enjoy getting to hang out with the other parents.  It’s fun and occasionally you get presented with an opportunity such as a local dentist maybe hiring Evan in his office this summer.  So these events are good all around.