Some days it just doesn’t pay to chew through the restraints.

That plumbing job we did is finally done and it seems to be working.  I finished it out by weather sealing it on the outside and closing up the hole in the wall.  But then something else happened.

Last night, the toilet overflowed.  Auughhh!

Water was everywhere.  This is the sort of thing you have to deal with instantaneously so nobody else in the house knew what was going on for awhile.  When Mel came back to the bathroom she said “Oh yeah, I dropped something in there today.”  Well, there’s your problem!

It turns out that an incredible coincidence occurred earlier in the day.  After a flush, at the exact moment that the water was swirling down the toilet at its swiftest, she opened the medicine cabinet above it and a bottle of pills just happened to fall out and land right in the hole.  It was gone before she could react.

This is just the sort of sudden, stress inducing that that can cause me to get a headache.  And what was the bottle of pills that fell in?  My headache meds.  Fortunately, Excedrin is easy to find and cheap.

As I was probing the depths of the bowl with my plumber’s snake, I began to feel the urge to use the facility as it was intended. Just then I heard Evan close and lock the other bathroom door and turn on the shower.  Doh!

Evan is legendary for taking extremely long showers.  I’ve spoken to him many times about it and still he stays in there forever.  So by the time he got out I was pacing the floor outside the door.  As he exited, Erin popped out of her room and headed in.  As rude as it was, I grabbed her arm and hauled her out citing fatherly privelidge.  I could hear her heading for the other, now inoperational, bathroom and shouted to her to stay out.  I then heard the expected huff of disgust but that was OK.

The snaking was unproductive; it only scratched the bottom of the bowl which I’m sure just shaved a few hundred dollars off the value of the house.  So now I must pull it off the floor and get the obstruction out from the other side.  That is assuming it is still there; if it’s down in the sewer clogging things up then I’m afraid a professional plumber is in our future.  So here’s hoping that it’s where I can get it.

Geez, the lengths I will go to just to save 300 bucks.  I usually get a warm feeling of self sufficiency after doing this sort of thing but lately I’ve been feeling plenty self sufficient.  I have enough self sufficiency fuzzies to last me through retirement so I’m beginning to loath this sort of thing.  At least as far as toilets are concerned. I’m becoming quite willing to pay someone else to deal with anything that has poop in it.

I remember the good old days of apartment living when this would happen and I would just call the office and somebody would handle it while I was at work.  It’s almost worth putting up with a stomping family of students upstairs to have that kind of luxury again.