We had one of those archetypal Oklahoma spring evenings last night: full of thunderstorms, torrential rains, and hail. I could do without that aspect of life but every place has its low points: California has its earthquakes, coastal areas have their hurricanes, and we have tornadoes and hail.

I was awakened last night (actually the whole neighborhood was awakened) by the clattering of pea sized hail on the roof and the occasional one blown against the windows. Then I heard first one and then a series of heavy THUMPs. That’s not good; that means that there are hailstones falling that are between golfball and baseball sized. I figured that as a responsible homeowner, I would get up and worry about Evan’s car that was parked outside.

Mel woke up too and suggested we grab some blankets and throw them over his car. We got four old fleece blankets that typically saw use at picnics and football games and headed outside in our bathrobes. After getting whacked on the leg once and the foot once with a large hailstone, I went to get a plastic hardhat that Evan had gotten while in scouts to go caving. It helped; my skull was not cracked but I was soaked. That took care of the car but the roof was on its own.

For some unrelated reason, I had woken up with a headache. This is not so unusual with me but this one was so bad that I got up and took some ibuprofen which did not help. By the time I woke up for good, another round of thunderstorms was dumping torrents of rain on us and I was nauseous with the pain in my head. I managed to drive Erin to school through the downpour (while having to take a circuitous route home due to roads closed from high water) and go back home to lay back down. After about two hours, I drove on into work late. I thought I felt better but soon after arriving, I felt it all again and took to the bathroom. This time, I had the added fun of puking my guts out for several minutes in the office men’s room. Luckily, I’m a quiet puker since I hate that sort of attention. It’s difficult to explain due to the incontrovertible evidence that you are unwell and people want to either call 911 or force you to go home. I considered both myself but oddly enough, after that I began to feel better – lots better. So it must have been something I ate.

I didn’t feel up to examining the roof when I left for work. I imagine that I will get home and find nothing obvious wrong with the roof. These things tend to manifest themselves later in the form of a leak – usually at the worst possible moment; during a birthday party, middle of the night over your bed, over the circuit breaker panel where it will burn your house down, etc. So I have that to look forward to.

I wouldn’t mind that so much if I could just experience it without the headache and vomiting. I presume that this and the bad weather are unrelated.