I had a homeowners minor emergency this weekend.  I had earlier attempted to spray the lawn for weeds and in so doing, discovered that the outdoor faucet had burst inside the wall at some point during the winter.  I heard water running but no water coming out anywhere I could see so that was a bit of a panic.  I called my brother in law who I knew had dealt with this very thing.

It is a moderately complex job so I went to the hardware store but not without an artistic complication.  There is an old hardware store up in Tulsa that is a local landmark and is known for having anything and everything.  If you need something and don’t know where to find it, you start there because the family that opened it still runs it and they know everything.  Swinney’s Hardware.  Unfortunately, Mrs Swinney who is now 92 years old has decided that she wants to retire and the family doesn’t want to compete with Home Depot any more.  The store is closing.  I wanted to say I had been there and since I had a plumbing situation, I figured they would know what random bits I would need to stitch the thing back together.  They also have a classic neon sign in the shape of a handsaw that I wanted to photograph so off I went.

For some weird reason, they were closed – the sign said they should be open but they were not.  This was a huge time waster as the place is about as far from my house as it could be and still be located in Tulsa.  So I was forced to go to the “home center” anyway.  And my troubles continued.

Apparently, copper has increased in price to the extent that theft of copper plumbing parts is a huge problem.  The store I went to has dealt with that problem by just not stocking a huge selection any more.  After going to two separate hardware stores, I gave up in frustration.  My lawn will simply go unwatered and unweeded for awhile.  It will not be alone; most of the people in my neighborhood apparently give their lawns little thought. People are learning to embrace the dandelions.

Earlier in the morning, I had gone out to rake up all the millions of tiny sticks left over from the ice storm and it’s limb carnage.  I raked up a total of 10 lawn bags full of nothing but small sticks.  Evan bagged them all up for me.  As onerous as it sounds, it was a time of much discussion; we talked of college, dormitories, and all manner of useful things.  It was a good thing as Martha Stewart is wont to say.

After giving up on the plumbing problem, I also decided to give up on a third performance of “Kiss Me Kate”.  Mel attended with her sister but I stayed home.  My brother in law and plumbing consultant stayed home and visited yet another hardware store to no avail.  So finally we just watched a movie – when all else fails, watch a comedy.

That reminds me:  I found several broken sprinkler heads that I will have to deal with.