The high school play opened last night:  “Kiss Me Kate”.  Erin is not technically in “high school” yet – she is still at the intermediate school.  9th grade to be exact.  But the director at the high school will open auditions to the younger kids and occasionally cast one or two.  Erin is in the chorus which apparently means she is one of the crowd of people whenever a crowd is called for.  Also she shoves props around between scenes.  It makes for a pretty late night for her (and of course us).

Last night, several friends from her small group at church showed up to watch in addition to the boy friend, Mel and I, and Evan.  Evan got extra credit for attending if he got his program signed by the teacher so he had two motives for being there; the other one being that we insisted.  We’ve all been to enough of his all-day outdoor band competitions; the least he can do is attend a few plays which are much shorter and indoors.

When I watched “Kiss Me Kate” on DVD, I found it almost intolerable but of course with Erin on stage as well as a number of other kids I know, it was much more enjoyable.  As usual it was great fun.  Unfortunately it ran so long that we couldn’t go anywhere for ice cream afterwards like we normally would.  Evan sat with his other English class, extra-credit-grubbing friends.  Mel and I sat with the boyfriend and her church friends, one of whom is the only girl I know whose hair is naturally blonde.

For once I did not violate the rules and make any photos during the performance.  I would have but Mel was giving me the stinkeye whenever I touched the camera.

After this run, which ends on Saturday night, that will be it for big things until Evan’s graduation on May 8th.  There is a centennial celebration and reunion of the physics department at the University of Arkansas on Saturday but I don’t think I’ll make it.  There’s a bit too much theater still going on and people that need to be trucked around to various places.  And a lawn that needs attention.