Friday dawned with two sickos in the house.  I fell victim to another cold and didn’t feel much like going to work.  I could have done it with the help of my DayQuil caplets but Erin was also feeling poorly.  One of her eyes was red, swollen, and painful.  I decided to stay home and get her to the doctor.

She has been supporting a busy schedule lately.  The high school is producing “Kiss Me Kate” in which she is in the chorus.  They are rehearsing from 6 till about 11 every night and she’s been exhausted.  This is the excuse she give for sleeping in her contact lenses.  Apparently digging them out of her eyes in the morning resulted in a scratched cornea.  It was plenty painful – enough to remind her not to sleep in her contacts again.  Or to at least be more careful in getting them out.  She was instructed by the doc to stay home the rest of the day with an eyepatch on to keep the eyelid from rubbing around on the cornea.  She was thus costumed in pirately fashion when she showed up for rehearsals.

Showing up to rehearse a play with an eyepatch is not the disaster that it would be if she showed up at school; after all, every person in the place is dressed up in some strange way.  Still, it had an adverse affect on her peripheral vision.  But she made it through Saturday’s rehearsal as well with no ill effect other than to bump into a few things.

Saturday night was the night of the big Winter Formal which was delayed to the point that it was no longer in winter.  Erin had gotten a dress back before Thanksgiving and unfortunately, due to the rehearsals, did not get to attend.  So with a party dress waiting, she wore it to an after party.  No way was she going to miss an opportunity to wear that dress – with an eyepatch.  If it were anyone else, I think they would have just gone home but not Erin.  She has enough strength of character to stand up straight and show up to a party in a long formal dress and and eyepatch.  She was met at the edge of the driveway by a crowd of about five friends.  For some reason, everybody was out in the yard.  A party is held at a huge house and they all end up in the front yard.  WTF?

This formal was a pretty big deal.  Mel and I had volunteered long ago to help out and were thus a bit miffed that we had to be there even though we had no child in the dance.  We worked the concession stand.  There were probably 300 kids there; all of them dressed up as adults.  All the girls had bare shoulders which meant that they felt “funny” and were constantly hitching up their dresses around the boobs.  They would show up at the concession stand to buy water with an elegant dress, fancy hair, fancy manicure and then pull gum out of their mouths in a string and wind it back around their finger.

The phrase “casting pearls before swine” comes to mind.

Most girls left their shoes in the coat room but some kept them on and many of those walked around with the strange gait of the high-heel-rookie.  They all appeared to have fun though.  Without Erin.

Many kids stopped to ask about her.   When the thing ended, the place cleared out remarkably quickly. It amazed me how fast the student council kids ripped down the decorations and got the place clean.  We had barely counted our money and put the excess away when the principal showed up with his keys ready to go home to bed.  By that time I was away to pick up Erin from rehearsal to shuttle her to this “after” party.

After all this hoop-de-doo, all we did Sunday was sleep the afternoon away.  I finally shook off my cold but not until after a nice long nap.  Erin slept 12 hours in the afternoon/evening and then slept all night.