Saturday was long and distracting since both kids were due back from mission trips at very different times.  We showed up at the airport to pick up Evan who was returning from Guatemala.

He was predictably jazzed up about having been to an exotic locale as well as pretty greasy from the lack of a proper shower all week long.  Indeed that was one of the first stories he told – hot water in other countries is apparently not given the same priority that it is at our house.  He also told of visiting a volcano which is worth the entire trip right there.  Apparently the concept of park rangers, signage, and guardrails hasn’t made its way down there either so his trip to the volcano rim was pure explorer type stuff.

Erin rolled in at around 10:30 pm.  She was also pumped about everything but soon got sleepy and conked out.  We spent Easter Sunday hearing their stories.  They were remarkably similar:  mixed concrete, tied rebar, put on roofing, went to worship.  Evan pointed out that when we go to church on Wednesday for the reunion slide show, if his photo doesn’t show up it’s because he was working.  Those people in the photos were not doing anything; that’s why they were in front of the camera.

Easter Sunday was the annual ham hoop-de-doo for Mel’s family and thankfully we did not have to host it this year.  It was plenty fun though.  It was notable also because my sister drove up from south Arkansas for a rare visit.

She stayed Monday and part of Tuesday and so she got the opportunity to go to the Pride Banquet  which is the marching band’s big party to celebrate the year.  In Evan’s case it is to say goodbye to marching band which he is not terribly sentimental about.  It was fun though.  My sister viewed it as a substitute for attending his graduation which will be way more boring and no sit-down dinner provided.

In the off-hours when visiting was at low ebb, I did homeowner type stuff which unfortunately included discovery of a broken water pipe in the wall.  More on that as the situation progresses.