So the kids are gone and Mel has decided to give their rooms a huge cleanup.  This involves mostly taking things out; some things to the curb for the garbage man, some things into the attic for some vague future yard sale or donation.  Probably the latter; now that our kids are no longer little, nobody buys our crap at a yard sale.

But another job that has been lurking in the background for a long time is to have the cars fixed.  Both have nagging little problems.  Mel’s car has been making a moaning sound for the past year and now that the tax refund is in the bank and the kids are off from school (and as a result, Evan is not using his car and that gives us a spare), we put the old minivan in the shop to see what was the matter.  I had done much googling of the problem and so had a fair idea of what was up and it made me all warm inside when the mechanic called me up this morning to tell me that that was the exact problem.  Not only that but it’s cheap to fix.  cha-ching!

Now I must turn myself to the issue of replacing the windshield on my other car as well as having the dashboard lights looked at.  I have two warning lights that are on all the time so they should be dealt with.  Plus my CD player doesn’t work and a replacement can be bought off Ebay for $50 so that’s a no-brainer.

Mel got a bit sentimental when she hauled out all of Evan’s old Legos from the closet, bound for the attic.  We’re keeping those – Legos always come in handy in the future.  Evan loved those Legos but they aren’t very cool for a high-schooler any more but he still wants to keep them around.

Most of Erin’s castoffs are clothes.  She’s been either growing up physically or growing up in the maturity sense and so her clothes have been changing a lot.  Many is the black plastic trash bag full of shoes that I have seen lately.

Hopefully when the kids get home from mission trips on Saturday, they will have clean rooms to start filling again.  They don’t need to know what fun we had while they were away; for example, we ate excellent Chicago-style pizza last night at the place they hate to go.  Both my kids say they don’t like pizza with “chunks” in it.  By that they apparently mean large pieces of tomato and/or meat.  So when they leave, we eat chunky pizza.

Evan does not know it but I have an evil plot to make his room into an office/computer room when he’s gone but I suppose I should wait until he’s well and truly gone and out of college.  It would be bad form to start painting the walls the day after he moves to campus in August.  But I can dream.