December’s ice storm was legendary in its scope.  Since then, tree services have been working full time and there are several woodyards throughout the area where piles of brush are legendary in scope as well.  The city of Tulsa is mulching theirs and the mulching machines are these gigantic funnels that cranes drop tons of sticks into at a time.  Broken Arrow has chosen to burn theirs and you can drive past the woodyard at night and admire the huge bonfires.

I was waiting until the rush was over but our city’s last brush pickup starts today so I hired a tree service to come out last week and trim the broken stuff out of my three trees.  It didn’t look like much when the branches were up in the top of the oak trees but when piled on the ground, they seem much larger.

As usual I decided that I could save a little money by telling the guy he could just leave them laying on the yard and I would drag them to the street.  He was only too happy to let me do that and so yesterday we had to get on the stick (so to speak) and get them piled on the curb so that the giant claw can get at them.  Now you can barely see the house from the street.

It’s all worked out but I’m starting to reconsider a lot of the things I do for myself.  I love the feeling of self-reliance I get but I’m starting to decide that I’m satisfied enough with myself and to consider hiring out a lot of services to make time available for things that I enjoy doing.  Dragging limbs around the property is not my idea of fun so next time, I’m letting the tree guy handle it; presumably he does enjoy it or at least has figured out how to minimize it with the use of either machines or cheap labor.

I guess this is why the lawn tractor was invented – for people like me that want property and stuff but don’t want to waste a lot of time maintaining it.