On Saturday we dropped off both kids at the church so they could be whisked off on a mission trip for the week of spring break.  Normally I write a blues song at this point but after all these years of doing the same thing I’ve finally become convinced that they will in fact return.  I still miss them though.

Erin was the first to go; they were required to show up at 5:00am Saturday.  The buses rolled out at a little after 6:00 bound for Reynosa Mexico just south of McAllen, Texas.  There they will apparently help build some sort of facility for children of prostitutes.  No sugar-coating the social problems this year.

Evan actually got to get on a plane this year for his jaunt to Guatemala so we took him to the airport.  They all showed up simultaneously at the American Airlines ticketing counter but the agents were unfazed.  Those agents have seen Thanksgiving weekend and winter storms; one hundred well-mannered teenagers all going to the same place were nothing to them.  The lines went quickly.  Likewise the security checkpoint agents didn’t even look up.  And off they went, not to be heard from until they come back (all cellphones were banned).

Melissa and I now have the entire week to ourselves during which I suspect we will attempt to get the house clean and watch movies.  We already started on the movie part.  But first, on Saturday, we drove around the entire afternoon with her sister who is looking for a new house.  It put us in mind of a different house since we’ve never really liked ours all that much.  It was cheap and in a good school district and so we put up with it but now we can consider something better – like something with a workshop – yeah!

Anyway, we’ve already eaten out twice and smiled at how the bill was less than half what it usually is.  We’ll take turns with the movies; first a guy movie, then a chick flick.  First, we watched “Cars” (OK, that was a kids movie) then we watched “A Walk in the Clouds”.  It’s gonna be a good week.  Except for the deep cleaning of the house part.  Still, I installed a new DVD burner in our computer yesterday and the dust bunnies that came out of the case were scary.  And, I accidentally hit one of our ceiling fan blades while strapping on my guitar and again the dust bunnies that came down were scary in size.  I think the cleaning is past due.