I had ample opportunity on Saturday to go shopping with the family and I ruthlessly refused. I just didn’t want to go to the dancer’s supply store and look for “character shoes” for Erin. Good or bad? Who knows? I chose to stay home while one of the cars was gone and use my new tools. And I got quite a bit done.

I get logjammed quite a bit; I build up a number of small projects that I want to do and often they are inter-related until I have a total logjam of projects which depend on each other in various ways. So it was this weekend. I really like the new table saw but I’ve wanted to replace it’s insert with a “zero-clearance insert” which you typically make yourself. The easiest way to do that is with a router table but mine is in transition so I felt I need to deal with that but to deal with that I needed my table saw. That’s fine; I could use the existing insert but that’s an example of the corners I paint myself into often.

I started out by dealing with the router table. Several months ago I had an accident in which the router fell out of the table while running and so I decided to enclose the base to catch any more falling router motors. I had enough scrap wood laying around to do that if I decided that I didn’t care what the final product looks like. (I didn’t.) So I began the process of creating a Frankenstein of a cabinet with pieces of plywood, pine, and MDF. I even married two pieces; one of MDF, the other of plywood to make the base of the thing. If that ain’t unnatural, I don’t know what is.

I eventually got most of it done; all but cutting the door to size, hanging it, and adding a magnetic catch. I’m thrilled by the way to be ridding my floor of a large number of scraps that were large enough that I couldn’t bear to throw them away. When this is done I will have a cleaner garage.

I needed to use the router table at one point but realized that I really already had one. The router lift I bought from my friend is still there and it came with a small table – I wanted to move the lift to my old (much larger) table but I had failed to make the obvious connection that I could just put it back together and use it until I could get the lift installed into my large table base. So off I went.

I also managed to complete not one but two zero-clearance inserts for my table saw so that now, whenever I want to cut small or narrow pieces, they won’t fall into the saw. They could use a little fine tuning but so could we all I guess. I still need to cut a narrow piece to use as a splitter but I kinda need the insert for that. There I go again…