As predicted, it rained all day Saturday – a perfect time to stay inside and finish my cabinet doors.  Literally.

Unfortunately the part I like about woodworking is the wood part.  I’m not so fascinated by the application of the finish.  But it must be done but I always get impatient.  Nevertheless, as I get older I find I have more patience to do what must be done and so I took the time to sand everything properly as well as mix up some shellac.

As always, the shellac wants weeks to dissolve and in spite of my accelerating methods, it did not all dissolve.  But enough dissolved to do the trick and the rest can dissolve at its own pace.  My method was to put the flakes in a food processor and grind it to dust.  I reasoned that the increased surface area would lead to more shellac entering solution with the alcohol and so it did but not all of it.  More than normal though.  I also put the jar into a pot of hot water to hasten it that way but I didn’t wait long enough – I should try that again and just leave it for several hours.

Anyway, I got the wood sealed and also got the first coat of stain on.  Looking good!

We gave up on the newspaper ad trying to get rid of our china cabinet and I put it on craigslist.  In a matter of hours I had numerous responses and the first person to email me was the first to show up and look at it and they bought it.  I’m sold on craigslist now.

Erin was gone most of the time to rehearsals for the high school play.  They’re doing some serious work now and it takes all day on the weekends.

Meantime, Evan had all his buddies over to use our bigscreen TV to play RockBand on.  A friend brought over his Xbox and game stuff and they played from late afternoon until midnight.  They would have gone longer had there not been a curfew in place.  I wish I could have taken a turn but such things are not meant for parental involvement.  I had to limit myself to watching classic movies on PBS on the little TV in the bedroom.  They were showing two boring movies about nuns so it was a pathetic second place to RockBand.

Hopefully this week those people will bring a pickup and get that china cabinet out of my living room and I will battle laziness and finish putting the finish on my cabinet doors.  Maybe play GuitarHero once or twice.