Here’s how much fun I had this weekend:  I bought a DVD burner on sale at woot and didn’t even install it because I had woodworking to do.  It was a tough call but I made it early on.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m one of those guys that makes tons of photographs but not when I’m doing something else so there are never any in-progress photos of any of my projects.  I know that’s very un-web2.0 but there it is.

I’ve been ramping up to this for a long time what with my purchase of cabinet door router bits, modifying my router table, etc.  Last week I bought the wood, cut it to size, and glued up the panels.  Saturday I went to a friends garage shop and use his thickness sander to level out the front of the panels in preparation for making a door out of it.

Ever since my friend sold me his router table (with excellent router lift) for a pittance, I’ve been struggling with whether or not to use the table part but in the interest of getting things done, I used my old table which I like more because it’s considerably larger.  My router is actually too small to be doing this sort of work on oak but I’m hoping that by taking smaller bites and taking a little bit longer that it will work OK and so far it has.

I finished routing the rails and stiles as well as cutting out the cathedral-shaped arch in the top.  That pointed out to me just how inconvenient it is to have all your tools living with your cars.  My bandsaw is shoved back into a corner so that I have to back out Melissa’s van, pull my table saw out to the other side of the garage, and then pull the bandsaw out.  I usually also pull the shopvac around and hook it up to the bandsaw to save myself the hassle of sweeping.  And here I pause to tell another tale.

Here is how electrical devices work as far as the layman is concerned:  all electrical appliances are made to work by magic smoke circulating inside them.  They continue to work as long as you keep the smoke in but once you let it out (and it smells pretty bad BTW), your electrical device will never work again.  So it was with my shop vac.  As I was cutting, I became aware of a change in the sound of the motor of the shopvac.  I ignored it because when you have a large sharp thing whirling near your hands, that is the top priority.  I simply made note of it.  The shopvac didn’t like to be ignored in that way and so began to make a grinding sound followed by complete and total stoppage.  I finished my cut, turned off the saw, and looked over to see the magic smoke escaping from the motor of the vacuum.

What do you know? I used a tool so much that I burned it up!  Excellent!  Nobody can say that I buy tools and then let them gather dust.  Actually they do gather much dust but it’s dust that I made with another tool.  Anyway I was moderately excited because it meant that I got to go out and buy another (better) one.  Whee!  I waited until after dark but I struck while the iron was hot (or perhaps while the burned out motor was still hot.  heh!)  I drove to the home depot nearest me and bought the one I had read about in one of the magazines (ahem – that I read off the rack at Border’s.  Sorry Border’s).  It wasn’t the most expensive but it was right up there as far as shopvacs go but boy does it suck!  In the good way.

It’s not so much the suckage as the volume of air it generates which is best for pulling wood chips out of your tools and so I’m elated with it so far.

Yesterday, I finished up by finishing routing the profiles on the rails and stiles of both doors and starting on the panels.  The panel raising bit is a huge thing reminiscent of a helicopter that makes a frightening sound as it spins up.  In fact I had to buy a speed control to slow the thing down in order to keep it from going to fast and burning the wood with the friction.  It is this bit that my router is too wimpy to handle so it took a long time.  In fact I didn’t finish since I reached a reasonable stopping place and went inside to prepare for the super bowl.

Erin was at some church group thing all day Saturday and Saturday night.  She came home with the news that she had invited them all over to watch the Super Bowl which is bogus since they only glanced at it occasionally.  They spent the entire time playing Taboo and whooping loudly enough to keep me from hearing any of the game very well.  It was this activity that I had to go help Mel prepare for.

It was fun though.  I don’t care much about noise; you can see perfectly well what’s going on without any sound at all.  I did miss the nuances of some of the commercials though.

Anyway, this week should see the completion of the “build a cabinet door from scratch” project.  At least until I have to put a finish on them and hang them on the cabinet in our bathroom.