I’ve lately been wasting spending a lot of time browsing the Library of Congress photosets on flickr.  I especially like the color photos taken during the early 1940s.  I was not aware that color film existed back then and have been surprised at what a difference it makes to me to see photos of people from before World War II that look “normal”.  I was excited to see a “Rosie the Riveter” type photo taken in the old factory in Fort Worth where my first job was (in 1987).  I left a comment on it giving a link to the wikipedia entry that provided more information about the location where the photo was made.  In so doing I did that thing that the internet makes possible:  add a snippet of information to the body of knowledge that a thousand people already knew anyway (if you want to look at it cynically like I do).

The only information that I ever knew that nobody else knew was the minutiae of my own doctoral dissertation project and that was stuff that I suppose nobody knew about because nobody cared that much.  Such is the way of much of science. Still, it was fun and part of the fun was knowing that I was the briefly the world’s expert on the matter.  Unlike the photo caption where I’m sure the Library of Congress guy is rolling his eyes in exasperation.  I can imagine the thoughts now:  “Geez, I was hoping to hear from the woman’s son or grandson” etc.

It’s still interesting though and the above thoughts do not stop me from keeping on.  Hey!  I bought a “pro” account on flickr and that makes me “qualified” to tag their photos.

And in other interesting news which I should be obsession about, it is snowing outside pretty heavily and I’m thinking of the state of the streets and my windshield.  I should probably do down there and cover it up to save myself some scraping later.