I got busy on the cabinet door project Saturday.  It’s hard to get up to the hardwood dealer since he’s a million miles from where I live or work.  They close at noon on Saturday and sometimes just leave before then if there’s no business.  That makes it hard to find them at work but I managed it Saturday morning.  They had only four nasty sticks of red oak which was a disappointment to me considering that they sell only HARDWOOD!  I bought what they had and the guy was kind enough to point out that one stick was nasty and narrow at one end so he would just give me that one for free.  That’s why I keep going back.  That and the fact that it’s way cheaper than buying wood at a store.  Next time though, I’ll buy ash and stain it.

So, while Mel was taking Erin to the mall for her hours-long fashion walk, I used the empty space to pull the tablesaw out and cut my newly acquired wood into proper sizes. I then glued up some panels for the raised panel in the center; sort of.  I only have two pipe clamps so I could only glue up one panel.  Plus, I didn’t trust myself to get three pieces of wood all aligned in the clamps so I only glued up two sections.  This little awkwardness led me to go buy two more pipe clamps using the convenient coupon the Lowes provided me in the mail.  Glueing up panels is quite the hassle if your wood is not perfectly straight – which it never is.  I definitely need to get me one of those biscuit joiners to force such bendy pieces to stay together while the glue sets up.

It’s all fun.  I love this sort of stuff – I wish I could do it all the time.

Next up:  finish the panels, cut the arch in the top, and set up the router table for cutting the profiles on all the pieces.