The church had a remarkably practical idea:  have a thing where they coach the high school seniors on the changes in store for them as they go to college.  Sort of hints and tips.  They had a golden opportunity to mess it up and make it useless with a lot of religious stuff about how to carry out The Great Commission but to their credit, they did not do that.  They kept it useful.

They discussed how to keep down on distractions (consider leaving the TV and/or video games console at home), avoid gaining weight, turn down credit card offers, deal with roommate trouble, etc.  Very nice.  The college aged class was present but rather than come in and offer their sage advice, they chose instead to stay outside the room and watch the NFL playoff game on the big screen TV and eat snacks.  I guess that’s understandable.

Evan was clearly distressed to hear that he should not take the Playstation with him and Mel was surprised that they recommend no TV.  She has always held the TV near and dear to her heart.  They didn’t specifically mention guitars so I’m sure he’ll take 1 or 2 but I suspect that would be considered a distraction too.

It was fun.  Plus they were passing around a bag of Snickers so that was a bonus.  Then they had ice cream.  Time until the first kid squirted ReddyWhip into her mouth?  3 minutes, 10 seconds.  Approximately.