So the carpetbaggers have been swarming all over us lately wanting to trim our trees. I’ve had two guys stop at my house when they saw me standing in the yard looking up and so they’re obviously cruising the neighborhoods looking for desperate homeowners. Or perhaps they’re desperate themselves.

They’ve all been from out of state and the price quoted has ranged from $650 to $1500 for the same work. One was from Georgia, one from Minnesota, and the other from North Carolina.  I’ve also gotten three or four flyers stuck to my front door.

My philosophy (mirrored by the tree guy who writes for the Tulsa paper) has been to just wait. Now that all the trees are off the power lines, those guys can now go home. The trees will be fine just like they are for a long time so there’s no reason to get in any hurry about it. I can wait till the rush is over and call a local guy, get the job done at (hopefully) a more reasonable rate, get a better job done, and keep my money in the local economy.

But it’s tempting to want to get on with it since the broken branches are so obvious and ugly.