I packaged up a few negatives from the old days and shipped them off to scancafe.com to test the waters of the scanning service.  It is advertised to take a long time so I’m not holding my breath yet.

I also bought a cheap scanner/printer/copier from woot.com and that should arrive soon.  I’m excited.

Erin has a boyfriend.  This is not the first but this is apparently the first one to actually be more than a label only.  He came over Friday night and we went out for pizza.  It wasn’t nearly as weird as I feared it would be but it was still weird.  Mel steadfastly refused to let me buy a shotgun (just for the sake of appearances – to leave the right impression) and so I’ve missed my opportunity.  I wanted one of those old muzzle-loading double barrelled jobs; not really good for anything but looking intimidating.  The Doc Holliday model.  But that ship has sailed and things worked out OK.

Erin is in the midst of trying out for the local intermediate school spring drama thing and also trying out for the high school performance of “Kiss Me Kate”.  The latter is pretty much just for brownie points with the drama teacher – a political move so to speak.  Still, it’s taking time and energy and she was pretty tired this weekend.  Perhaps that was due in large part to the trip to Talequa that she made with a friend to watch the friend in an all-district band concert.  Or the hours-long thing at church yesterday.  At any rate, she’s tired.

One of my coworkers gave his notice some time ago and his last day was Friday.  Unlike most coworkers in my life, I really liked this one and was genuinely sorry to see him go.  Never mind that he was extremely smart and productive; I just liked the guy.  Now I have nobody to talk to and twice as much work to do.  I guess having lots of work to do isn’t so bad.  If I’m as smart as I like to think I am, I will figure out a way to get it all done.

I still haven’t gotten off dead-center with respect to several jobs around the house.  I need to get onto that cabinet door project.  I’ve been waiting to get a part made at a machine shop that will allow me to use my fancy new router lift but I think I should stop waiting on that and just get moving with the old setup.  That at least is operational.  Plus, I have two gutters that are trashed after the ice storm.  One of them I discovered to be installed incorrectly and water has been getting behind it for years and has rotted the fascia out.  Not a huge deal but I have to deal with it which should just about take an entire weekend.

The ground is totally churned up under the surface by all the moles and so when I set up a stepladder, it almost always has one leg start to sink into the ground.  That is the sort of thing that happens quickly but only after you are halfway up the ladder.  Those moles are a real problem and the local exterminator tells me that there is no practical way to deal with them over the long term.  If I wish to pay him $100 a month, he’ll be glad to come out but even he doesn’t recommend that as a good use of my money.  So I have to fix the gutters in the presence of quicksand.  Should be fun.

Actually the other gutter has a problem:  it never sloped enough and so water would collect in it and get all nasty.  So I guess I have to deal with that as well.  Not a big deal but big (and nasty) enough that I think long and hard about hiring somebody to do it.   Fortunately, neither gutter is very high up off the ground and so it isn’t dangerous work.

And now I find that I have a certain size of furnace filter that is no longer available.  So I made one out of some reusable material and wash it every month.  I guess that’s better in the environmental sense over the long term.  But I hate the fact that a door has closed on me like that.