There’s too much going on to keep up with here without continuous access to the internet.  Perhaps that’s justification for getting an iPhone with the associated data plan.  Of course with that kind of money, I could easily replace all my power tools with better ones.  Let’s see:  one little piece of electronics that will become obsolete in eighteen months or 1000 pounds of cast-iron-based power tools.  I know which one I’d pick – the tools.  Unfortunately with a boy about to start at a university, I can do neither.

If either of my two readers happens to have $17,000 that they don’t need, I can make use of it.  Each year.  For four years.

But on to life.  Saturday night was the night of my company’s holiday party.  Most normal organizations have a party before Christmas but because our business always seems to get a big job in mid-December that requires 30 people or so to leave the lower 48, we do it in January.  To be honest, it’s worked out pretty well; it’s not as stressful for everybody during the busiest time of year and it kind of stretches out the holiday a little.  We had a choice this year:  have it at the local air and space museum or at the pretentious downtown Petroleum Club.  I voted for the museum.  Naturally, it was held at the downtown club but it mattered little.  We actually had live entertainment in the form of a pair of guitarists that I am already familiar with so that was really cool to me.  Prizes were pretty good too.  Food was nice.  All in all, it went pretty well.

It came at the end of a busy day during which we made our annual pilgrimage  to Bartlesville for the all-district band concert.  This is Evan’s last year in band so this was our last such concert.  Too bad really since I always enjoyed them.  Unlike the marching contests that last all freakin’ day, these only last an hour or two; long enough for two bands to play four pieces.  The music was really good so it was hardly a waste of time.  It was free too.

I am realizing that I wasted a great deal of time during the holidays.  I lazed around the house and accomplished absolutely nothing when there are so many things that I want to do.  Of course, there was a lot of other stuff going on plus a family that frequently wanted to go somewhere on the spur of the moment but I still had lots of time that I could have put to better use.

After the ice storm, I needed to repair two gutters.  I need to build those two cabinet doors that I’ve been tooling up for.  I want to have some old negatives scanned and those need to be found.  I want to build a roll-around kitchen island.  There’s just a lot of stuff.  I did actually get our financial records in order, estimate our taxes, fill out the government financial aid form, and file a bunch of stuff away so that’s something.  BTW, with two parents in the household, there will be no financial aid for us.  Our estimated family contribution is $21,000.  Ouch.

I’ve got to get busy doing stuff now.  I’ve had several opportunists from out of state knock on my door and offer to fix my trees for me but I see no reason to get it done immediately.  I’m inclined to wait until they all go back home and give the business to some local people.  Plus, I find the prices to be a bit high.  Perhaps if I wait, the price will go down.  Probably not for a long time though.  I only have a few hanging branches but they could to with some shaping as well so perhaps it will cost a lot anyway.  But I think I can get a better price than $1500.  I need to get onto those cabinet doors also.