• Eat too much
  • Resolve not to eat too much anymore
  • Watch football games on TV
  • Fall asleep in front of same
  • Open presents
  • Listen to much holiday music
  • Make the holiday circuit:  mother-in-law’s house, brother-in-law’s house, back home
  • Sit on sofa a lot
  • Watch many movies
  • Watch one movie in theater because, heaven knows, a materialistic orgy at home is not enough – we must get up and leave the house on Christmas day for something else to do.
  • Pity those who have to work at the theater on Christmas day
  • Clear away brush from last month’s ice storm
  • Make road trip to Springfield

So all in all it was a successful holiday.  Thank goodness the aerospace industry all shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Year’s; otherwise I would never have gotten all this done.