This blog is configured to not allow the web spiders to index it so none of this stuff should show up on Google or any of the other search engines.  It’s not private though so the only ways anyone would possibly read one of these entries is one of the following:

  1. Someone could be a friend of mine and read it regularly (there are two of those).
  2. Someone could be pointed to it by one of my friends.
  3. Someone could randomly land on it while clicking the “random” button that WordPress gives everybody when they’re browsing.

Apparently someone at one point chose “3”  and landed on a random post of mine where I made reference to an odd-sounding name that I countered once back around 1979.  That random person had actually met the person and had the same reaction to her name.  He offered that she was a cool person.

If I ever needed a reason to be careful of what I write about on the internet, that would be a prime example.  I can’t imagine how unlikely it is to have that sort of connection made especially when one often tries to interest others in blog posts only to be unsuccessful. Statistics is a branch of math that many find hard to understand but occasions like this are good at pointing out just how random life can be.  Anyone who thinks that life could not possibly have spontaneously arose at random out of the primordial ooze would do well to consider occasions like this.

Kinda scary actually.  So once more I resolve to live my life in such a way that I never need find myself in a court of law.  And to be careful about what I write.