Both kids want things for Christmas; this comes as no surprise to me or anyone else.  But when Mel asked me to take care of it I naturally went to Amazon.  She took me to task for trying to buy the first thing I came to rather than shopping for the best price.  This is a fair assessment; I do that and have done it more than once.  In this case a quick search turned up the fact that Amazon was cheapest by $20 and had free shipping.  That was a no brainer:  CLICK!

Evan wanted something that I figured was at the local WalMart and their web site confirmed that hypothesis.  I guess I was thinking that I could have it right now and it would be done.  Unfortunately, the web site was a bit behind the times – no item in sight and no employee with the intelligence to find out was in sight either.  I’m not sure if there was an employee that matched that criterion in the store at all.  It’s not fair to accuse all WalMart employees of being dumb but it’s a fair to say that none of them care one bit about anything.  I suspect they don’t get paid enough to care.  Any store that would attempt to get the store patrons to check and bag their own stuff does not care.  Anyway, back to amazon and:  CLICK!  Free shipping too.

If I could buy groceries online, I would never ever go into a store at all.  Except upon rare occasions, to browse.  If only I could master Ebay, I’d have the cellphone that I want.  Everyone at all stores wants to sell me a phone with a plan and I already have a plan – I only want a better phone and I don’t see the logic of extending my commitment to them just to get a discount on a phone.  Ebay is the way.  So I’m off to master the fine art of sniping.