We ate too much.

That’s about it.

OK, some more details might go down well.   We elected to have the throwdown at our house this year in return for having the Christmas get-together at Mel’s brother’s in December.  It seemed a fair trade until we had to clean up the house.  In my grand oversight, I found that I had more vacation than I realize and so I took the entire week of Thanksgiving off and stayed home.  I spent it in doing lots of financial organization, lots of photo organization, lots of video production work, and of course, lots of house cleaning.  But no blogging.

I spent a lot of quality time with our dog Dixie which, when a dog is 12 years old, involves lots of napping.  She gets one walk daily and looks forward to it with much anticipation but when it’s over, she goes back to napping; waking up only occasionally to lick herself.

But amid the organizational work, I cleaned the place.  The kids were off on Wednesday but they didn’t help clean up very much.

The day itself was much like it always is:  lots of food but nary a fresh vegetable or fruit in sight.  It was high-carb fat city.  That is of course what makes it popular.  I really enjoy these days with extended family and so spent as much time talking as possible.  Evan has had an extremely busy fall and actually crashed all afternoon in a deep sleep and still managed to sleep all night.

We always like to extend the holiday as much as we can so Mel and Erin got up before dawn on Black Friday to hit the stores for treasures.  They were looking for a formal dress that Erin could wear to a fancy dance that occurs in the spring and they hit paydirt.  That’s about all they came back with even after all the hours they put in.  Evan and I took Erin with us to have lunch at Tastee Treat (a local institution) but they were unfortunately closed for the holiday.  We then went to Bass Pro Shop to spend Evan’s gift certificate (a gift given for being an usher at his cousin’s wedding).  He spent it on a set of shotgun-shell-shaped Christmas lights.  Celebrate the Tackiness!  They matched his jackalope!

Then on Saturday, we mandated that everyone in the house had to sit down and watch the OU/OSU “Bedlam” game.  This is our excuse to make queso and eat chips, cheese, crackers, and all that sort of nutritious fare.  The game itself was a bit boring which made it all that much easier for me to fall asleep in front of it for a third-quarter nap.  We also watched my special DVD of the Grinch.

Evan had spent mid-day at the local grocery store ringing the bell for the Salvation Army in order to earn service points for NHS.  He put his own spin on it by ditching the bell and bringing along a guitar on which to play Christmas carols.  There’s no way to tell for sure but he said that based on the positive comments he got (such as “This is way better than the clanging bell!”) they probably took it more than usual.

Sunday morning dawned cold and dreary and we had to actually wake up with the alarm to go to church and that pretty much put the period on the holiday weekend.  Too bad it had to end.