I made the mother of all misinterpretations last week when I looked at my vacation balance and thought I had three hours left for the year.  In fact, I had six days left!  This is relevant since I must use it or lose it.  I therefore left the office immediately and stayed away for Thursday and Friday.

I took advantage of the free time to take Dixie to the SPCA for her shots.  The place is located in the most inconvenient place in Tulsa county (from my perspective anyway) but they are totally cheap.  Since I had nothing else to do, I took her.  It was pretty painless so to speak and that left me with a lot of time which I used in visiting a friend.

He has a flexible schedule since he only works half-time remotely for a business in the panhandle as well as trying to start up a guitar-making business.  It is for this business that he bought a computer controlled (CNC in the small manufacturing parlance) router.  I got to watch him make one of his first three-dimensional objects.  He clamped down a common 2×4 and created a guitar neck out of it.  It was of course a throwaway project to test out the setup but it was extremely cool to watch.  I wish him all the best; I love it when somebody takes a dream and makes it reality.  I hope he becomes wealthy with it but I imagine that like most Americans who start a business he will remain firmly middle class.  Nothing wrong with that especially since he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing and doing it in his own garage.

He need to free up some space in the aforementioned garage and therefore sold me at a pittance his router table.  My own table is superior but his contains a beautiful stainless steel router lift which I wanted to scavenge.  But that was a project for Friday.

Friday dawned with possibilities everywhere.  I couldn’t act on all of them but I did organize my life quite a bit.  My workbench was getting unusable so I bought some organizers for tools and got that cleared up.  I also downloaded Google Sketchup and modeled my cabinet door parts.  I then opened up Quicken and organized my financial life which is a good feeling.  I now know how much I’m worth which is both a relief and also a disappointment when I see how much it actually totals up to.   They say to diversify your assets but I find that they get diversified by themselves when you change jobs a few times and then the plans you roll them into change plan administrators several times over the years.  Without meaning to, I’ve got 401k money in all the major companies that sell such services and I’ve got money distributed over many fund types.  So I guess I’m good.

That led into a wedding weekend but that’s another story.