Every so often I like to think that I write interesting stuff but then I go read something from a professional blogging writer and then I get back to the science because that’s what I’m good at.  But I’ll let James Lileks sum up my life lately:

Life is good, the daily pangs and botherations notwithstanding. Or, more accurately, included; they’re required to make sense of everything and grant us perspective. He said, creating a flimsy philosophical scaffolding that lets us stucco over the random cracks decreed by Dame Chaos. Today was good; if it wasn’t, I was too busy to notice.

Evan has a billion things to get done and is freaking out every evening.  One day soon I’m afraid he’ll lock himself in his room and just play guitar all day.

The band directors have gone completely off the deep end and dumped another dozen pages of marching sets and music on the kids that they have to learn before going to the Grand National competition in a couple of weeks.  This is on top of all the papers and tests that Evan has.  Also he has to have T-shirts made for his band section because he is the section leader.  None of the other kids who said they would help have done anything so he’s had to do it all which means that Mel has picked up the slack there.

Oh, and our niece is getting married on Saturday.

I don’t even want anything for Christmas – I just want all this stuff to stop.  We have college applications to work on.

One day I intend to write a big expose’ on the marching band.  Then write the directors and ask them if it’s really worth it.  Of course to them and their careers, it is.