I just now rescued a mockingbird from my screened patio. He was frantic in that birdy way that they all get when they can’t see what’s keeping them from getting where they want to be. His stressed-out response was to poop all over the place – perhaps by way of lowering his weight. He could fly better that way.

I finally trapped him in the corner, gently grabbed him and took him out.  I opened my hand and he was off like a shot.  But no more bird poop.  Good thing too – I think he had been eating purple berries.

I like the idea of karma; that I rack up some good points for saving a bird.  Perhaps this can balance out some past oversights and indiscretions.  But Christianity doesn’t allow for that; it only proposes that you do things because they are the right things to do.

That bird will never know how much worse this could have turned out.  For example if the dog were to have been the one to catch him.