Evan got back from the band trip to St. Louis last night; apparently they took first place and won all the caption awards.  (“caption awards” being things like “high music”, “high concept”, and other unintelligible categories).  He was typically taciturn about it.  “Yeah, we won; no big deal.” is his attitude. His opinion is that they win because they practice more than anyone else and I must say I think he’s right.

He’s also pretty mad at us parents for making him study more to bolster his test grades.  Never mind that his low scores are his own fault; no sense getting mad at himself – that’s the teenager way.

The photographer came by the house to drop off some of his senior portraits and they look pretty good.  She’s quite young and I at first thought she was yet another teenager stopping by the house to do some fundraising.  I was all set to browse a catalog and order some overpriced gourmet coffee but no – she had a box of photos for us.  They look pretty good.  These photos are more artsy and edgy for him to give to his friends.  We also have some traditional ones to give to grandma and put in the yearbook.

I accidentally hurt the dog this morning.  Her claws have gotten too long and I thought I’d try trimming them myself.  That was a mistake.  She’s pretty old now and didn’t put up much of a fuss and so I have no excuse for cutting off too much.  It must have hurt and she bled a little bit; now she won’t come to me.  She’s got that “you hurt me!” look on her face.  When you lose the trust of a dog, you have really messed up badly.  I would not have thought it possible.  I just hope she doesn’t try to get even by pooping in the house while I’m at work.  I briefly thought of leaving her outside but it’s rainy and nasty today and that didn’t seem right.

So we win some and we lose some.  I just hope the losses can be forgiven.