The latest idiot light on my dashboard is a “TDC” sensor problem.  That’s “top dead-center” sensor.  That’s hardly a very useful translation.  I think this one may be one for the mechanic.

I took Erin and a friend to a play last night.  On the way, they were discussing having siblings and decided that they both wanted to have more than one child.  Her friend quipped:  “I’m not having girls; I don’t care what Jesus says!”  I’d love to know the story behind that statement.

Mel has been frantically making baked goods and candy for the wedding shower at our house tomorrow.  We’ve been gaining weight eating the broken ones.

Football game tonight – should be nice and cool.  Fall-ish.

Oh, and what with all the stress at work, I’ve decided it isn’t fun any more.  I don’t like it as of last Thursday.  But that never stopped anybody from going to their jobs before and it won’t stop me.