A friend said recently that she noticed that all the articles that she’s read lately on the subject of how to get rich or retire when you’re 45 were written by people who have no children.  I must say, it seems that no matter how much money you bring home, a teenager can suck you dry.

Evan has come home with a number of things this fall and none of them are unreasonable or unexpected.  They just all hit us at once and they are all $200 and up.  There comes a time at which I want to throw up my hands and say “enough!” but I can’t really do that.  Why?  Because “everybody else does”.  He has never said that; it’s just what I feel.  In the past year, I’ve bought another car (bringing my driveway total to three), two rings (a class ring and a championship ring), senior portraits (two of these actually since Mel didn’t like the first ones), and a number of other things.  According to my cash flow analysis in Quicken, it’s actually the “other” that costs the most on a month-to-month basis.  That’s just crazy that of all my expenses, “Other” could account for such a high percentage – higher than taxes.  But them’s the facts.  And we’re not even paying for college yet.  Nor have I purchased the inevitable college computer and dorm room furnishings.

I guess I’m never going to get that new table saw.