After a mere few weeks, my “new” car displayed the dreaded “Check Engine” light.  Pretty annoying.  One day I hope to buy an actual new car again.  Perhaps when I get the windshield crack and the seat rip repaired, I’ll feel better.

This time around, I went to AutoZone and had them read the code for me and found out what it was in general but the part is a bit pricey so I decided to take another tack.  It’s only emission related so I’ve got some time – nothing will explode if I don’t deal with it today.  I bought the “Haynes” manual for the car and learned how to read out the codes without the help of a $300 piece of test equipment or the help of the AutoZone guy.  Furthermore, I can test the part to narrow down the problem so that I may not have to buy the expensive gizmo.  Best of all, I shouldn’t have to get very dirty – the part is right on top where I can get to it.

We’ll see.