How can that possibly be interesting?  Well, I guess it’s not really.  But I always enjoy it.

I enjoy it because it’s the only medical profession where they never hurt you; they only sit you down and ask you your opinion:  “which do you like better – this one or this one?”  Fun stuff; plus you get to look through all sorts of optics and I’ve always liked optics.  I didn’t understand very well the course I took in optics but I still appreciate optics for what they are.

At the end, I went to the “frame stylist”.  This is the part I like because they are all very stylish looking women.  So when they ask me what I want, I respond with something like “what do you think would look good?” This is like asking the dog if she’d like to go for a walk; it always stirs up a happy frenzy.  The women at the optometrist’s don’t actually run around in circles like my dog does but they are obviously happy.  I was the last appointment of the day and so I had three of them trying frames on me and scrutinizing me; it was like having a makeover on one of those TV shows.  In the end, I feel like I’ll look pretty good even though I have no fashion sense at all.  That’s the beauty of making sure you meet up with the most fashionable looking person at the optometrist’s office as long as she’s about your age.  With this combination, you can’t miss.

After the lasik, I never thought I’d darken the door of the optometrist’s again but middle age showed up and forced me to need reading glasses.  I stayed away for about five years but finally, I had to cave in and go back.  Lasik does nothing about astigmatism either.  But at least the resultant bifocals aren’t of the coke-bottle type thickness that they would be otherwise.

Now if I could just get somebody like that to help me pick out my clothes I’d be set.  Too bad that isn’t partially covered by my health plan along with spectacles.