Evan played in the band at Friday night’s crosstown football game as usual but came home with an ear infection.  It didn’t slow him down much but required a visit to the after hours doctor place.  It was his one free Saturday from now until Thanksgiving but he spent it with his buddies making a video on commission from the school.  It’s basically a commercial advertising the “Bash Union” T-shirts that they are selling at the high school.  He turned in the DVD this morning so presumably it will start running during the announcements this morning.

Small groups started at church yesterday and so Erin was all hyped up.  I spent the church time yesterday morning sitting in the car in misery from this season’s record breaking hay fever.  The pollen counts are at near record levels this year and my meds are only barely keeping up with things.  At times the symptoms break through and take me out of circulation for a few hours.

It’s probably due to my yard work.  This is the time of year when they tell us in the paper to do all that fall stuff to your yard and so I do it:  reseed, fertilize, mow (bag the clippings), etc.  I didn’t put out new flowers at the mailbox though.  All that stuff probably set off the hay fever.  Mel was trying to get Evan’s university applications completed (since he’s always off doing stuff with The Pride or homework).  If I could have one wish, it would be that he was not in marching band.  It just takes too much time for a student who intends to be an academic rather than a musician.  But the woman at TU that he interviewed with kind of said the opposite:  that she liked to see stuff like that.  But as a result of Mel’s continued involvement in the clerical side of things, I got to do the grocery shopping.  More exposure to pollen.

Still, it was all good; temperatures were cool and fall was in the air.  The only thing I haven’t done yet to keep up with traditions is to turn on a football game and fall asleep in front of it.  I hope one day to upgrade my cable system to HD so that I can nap in high resolution splendor.