I’m about to lose my Dad license by not documenting a huge deal:  Evan and his garage band had their first gig Friday before last.

They got a chance to play at this joint called “The Tree” in Claremore.  I don’t know who the headliner band was but Evan’s band was about four levels deep so that they were playing really early; right after the place opened.   The venue insists that they play all original material so they had a pretty hectic several weeks running up to it to write and rehearse three tunes but they got it done.

Evan reported that night that he thought they did pretty well “considering” which means they actually did pretty poorly.  Apparently the venue was starting a new sound guy that night so that the balance was way off and their monitors were not working.  This made it really hard to play with each other.  The whole thing was pretty alien to them and so they forgot the last bit to their last song but of course the audience didn’t realize that.  From the photo or two that I saw, the crowd consisted of friends and girlfriends of friends.  No matter, they got some extremely valuable experience and Evan did a bit of networking with the owner; thanking her for the opportunity and all that.  Perhaps there will be a repeat performance one day after marching band season is over.