Well, the PGA Championship has gone more smoothly than I imagined it would.  Certainly all the parking places are taken but I’ve had little trouble getting into or out of the office (although I’ve skewed my schedule a bit to avoid peak times).

The Medlife blimp is circling overhead, the shuttle buses are shuttling, and the thermometer on the Mabee Center sign is showing 98 degrees but the official weather station at Southern Hills is showing a heat index of 102.  I know what it is like to play golf in this weather and it’s not all that bad as long as you just get used to the idea of being drenched in sweat, you drink water continuously, and you pour water on your head every so often.  Oh, and you dart from the shade of one tree to the next.  With a cart.  I don’t think I could sit on a grandstand in the sun and survive for long.