Evan drove himself off to his senior year of high school with barely any fanfare.  I dropped Erin off at the intermediate school where she started 9th grade and she didn’t seem too worried about it.  When I was that age, I lost sleep but she has more confidence than I ever did.  She carried almost nothing – where was the full backpack?  She claimed not to need it.

There was the usual shuffle last night as we went out to buy the things she needed that we hadn’t known that she needed.  Also Evan needed some stuff – like a 1Gb flash drive.  Who would have guessed?

For my part, I spent the evening trying to take care of a “check engine” light on my truck.  Not very good timing for this to happen but the guy at AutoZone read the code for me and assured me it was a trivial thing.  But he couldn’t tell me where this part that he sold me was supposed to go.