We went to the local intermediate school yesterday to pick up Erin’s schedule.  This is the big event that sends a signal that school is about to start and we all need to start waking up earlier, going to bed earlier, and shopping for school supplies.  She was pretty excited about it as she generally is.  She actually went twice:  I took her on my way to work so that we could complete anything that needed to be signed or paid for and she went back with a friend later in the day just for the socialization aspect.  This will be “high school”; at least technically.

Evan on the other hand has been going to marching band practice for a week or so already and since he is driving himself, we are somewhat less involved with schedule pickup and such.  He’s in the throes of that phase of every boy’s life when he begins to pull away from his parents which takes the form of much grousing whenever we ask him a question or ask him to do anything.  It’s annoying but not uncommon.

And the weather, after a long and wonderful period of rain and generally cool temperatures, has settled into that late August heat and humidity.  Yesterday a bunch of local thunderstorms popped up out of nowhere and made everything even more humid.  This morning, the atmosphere is so thick that I can barely see the ground from the 38th floor much less any further.  I guess you’d call it fog but fog generally sits close to the ground and is clear above; this seems more like a haze that is everywhere.   Anyway, summer is heading into it’s final hot period.

School starts at the end of next week.  My youngest one is entering high school.  It feels weird.